Boston Celtics Summer league notes

The Celtics enjoyable summer league has come to an end after a nail biting defeat to the Grizzlies. Overall, the week and some change was successful for a Celtics team that had multiple upperclassmen rookies that they drafted with the expectation of imminent contribution. For the most part, they didn’t disappoint. The team ended up […]

Hoops Island Mock Draft vol. 1

It’s that time of the year. The picks are set, the order at the top is kind of in place, but with a draft that is filled with parity after the top 4 picks, smokescreen season will be in full effect. In this edition we will refrain from making trades because it’s a bit too […]

The point guard encyclopedia

The point guard ranking game has always been tough, so let’s put them in tiers instead.  Since this is the time of the year where rankings are in vogue, I figure i’d do my own rankings. However, unlike the traditional rankings that go 1 thru wherever, I decided to put my guys in tiers based […]

Exploring Jaylen Brown as a ball-handler

Boston’s lottery pick is a bottomless bag of potential. Could ball-handling be the secret to his unlocking his full potential?  There’s been a lot of speculation of the type of role that Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown could play for the Celtics. The consensus seems to be the role as a small-ball four. In the new […]

Sunday Column: Analytics and the Boston Celtics season preview

Talking about life in an analytic world.  There was a time in my life where I used to work in Amazon. I was 18, a big warehouse opened and they were hiring EVERYBODY. Being the Criminal Justice major that I was, I loved the idea of this because since it gave ex-cons who probably weren’t […]

The Darwinism of NBA Bigs

When I was eight years old, Jahlil Okafor was a 100 million dollar player. A legit seven footer who score and pass from the post was every coaches dream. What happened to the dominant big man? Are they really an expired species? “Can you score doe? Bigs becoming Dinosaurs” That was a tweet from Draymond […]